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Book reviews: Building state capability, and the politics of evidence

In the current issue of Governance, Richard Allen reviews Building State Capability: Evidence, Analysis, Action by Matt Andrews, Lant Pritchett and Michael Woolcock. The authors propose an approach to governance reform in developing countries andrews coverthat emphasizes locally customized “best fit” solutions, combined with experimentation and a broad‐based dialogue among the development partners and other actors in the reform process. Read the review. Caroline Heider reviews The Politics of Evidence: From Evidence‐Based Policy to the Good Governance of Evidence by Justin Parkhurst. In this “post‐truth era,” the author demonstrates systems that can be built to ensure policies are better informed by evidence, while also pointing out why evidence cannot and should not be the sole driver in policymaking. Read the review.

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March 26, 2018 at 10:27 am

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