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Management reform in the UN system: what is required for success?

Complaints about the defects of the UN systembureaucracy, duplication, secrecy and unresponsiveness — persist despite decades of reform initiatives.  In the current issue of Governance (24.4, October 2011) Olivier Nay of the University of Lille Northern France examines a successful effort at management reform within the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS.  Nay concludes that reform succeeded here because of the coincidence of external pressure and the “active support of UN agencies who had a common interest in shifting institutional arrangements.”  Success at reform in international organizations, Nay says, requires an examination of “intertwined” external and internal factors.  Read more: What Drives Reforms in International Organizations? External Pressure and Bureaucratic Entrepreneurs in the UN Response to AIDS.

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November 15, 2011 at 1:33 am

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