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Mapping the global networks that drive public sector reform

NetworkNational public sector reform agendas are increasingly driven by global public policy networks.  But how do we describe those networks?  Much research has proceeded inductively, starting with organizations like the OECD that have a high-profile role in disseminating ideas. In the current issue of Governance (24.3, July 2011), Kathleen McNutt (University of Regina) and Leslie Pal (Carleton University) offer an alternative approach for systematically mapping the “virtual policy networks” focussed on six areas of public sector reform.  The results sometimes contradict common understandings about the structure of these policy networks, the authors conclude. In three of the policy networks, “there is an extremely strong US presence,” while in the other three, “international governmental organizations dominate.”  Read the article: Mapping Global Public Policy Networks.

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September 1, 2011 at 1:57 pm

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