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Europeanization of welfare systems: No easy path to convergence

In the current issue of Governance (24.3, July 2011), Paolo Graziano of Bocconi University examines how two countries — France and Italy — have adapted their welfare systems to European employment policies.  His study contributes to our understanding of the evolution of welfare states in the context of Europeanization.  Graziano finds that the preferences of key institutional and social actors play a critical role in determining the course of domestic adaptation.  He concludes that expectations of a “soft” path to convergence among national employment policies should be lowered.  “Europeanization induces policy change only when specific domestic conditions are in place . . . . If such conditions are not available, we should not expect EU pressures to trigger substantive policy change.”  Read the article.

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August 8, 2011 at 3:17 pm

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