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Book reviews: Latin American utility regulation; influencing health outcomes in the global South

Murillo bookIn the current issue of Governance (24.2, April 2011) Mauricio Dussauge Laguna reviews Political Competition, Partisanship and Policymaking in Latin American Public Utilities by Maria Victoria Murillo.  Murillo “offers a comprehensive analysis of how the region’s electricity and telecommunications regimes have been transformed . . . [and] shows that political parties still matter” in shaping regulatory policies.  Read the review.  And Joseph Wong reviews Wealth, Health and Democracy in East Asia and Latin America by James W. McGuire.  McGuire challenges the idea that economic development is the key determinant of health outcomes in the global South, pointing out the effectiveness of relatively inexpensive interventions “even in the context of difficult economic circumstances.”  Wong says McGuire’s analysis is “powerful and provocative.”  Read the review.

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June 25, 2011 at 6:43 pm

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