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Call for Papers: SOG Workshop on the Future of the Regulatory State

The Future of the Regulatory State: Adaptation, Transformation, Or Demise?
Oslo, 15/6 September 2011

One of the most widely made claims over the past three decades has been that we are living in the age of the regulatory state. However, events such as the financial crisis have pointed to potential weaknesses in the ‘orthodoxies’ that underpinned the ideas of the regulatory state. This workshop therefore intends to discuss the future of the regulatory state. We are interested in papers that explore themes, such as

–          the limits of regulatory regimes
–          the limits of market-based problem-solving
–          the limits of national regulatory capacity

More details about the workshop can be found here: Please submit paper proposals (max 250 words) by 20 May to Nick.Sitter and Martin Lodge.

SOG is the Structure and Organization of Government research committee of the International Political Science Association. It is the sponsoring organization of Governance.

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