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Free download: Global governance and the Two Percent Club

The G20 summit in Seoul on November 11-12 will trigger more debate about the representation of emerging economies in the institutions that shape global economic policy.  In Rethinking Fundamental Principles of Global Governance: How To Represent States and Populations in Multilateral Institutions (22.3, July 2009),  three authors — Vijaya Ramachandran, Enrique Rueda-Sabater and Robin Kraft — suggest a new way of thinking about “the constitutional foundations of an effective global governance system.”  They propose a model in which countries in the “Two Percent Club” — having either two percent of global GDP or global population — have their own seat at the table, while other countries are represented indirectly by regional representatives.   The authors call this a principled formula that draws on experience with federal constitutional arrangements.  UPDATE: This article is discussed in the October 21 issue of the Financial Times.

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October 21, 2010 at 12:40 pm