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Governance: New year, new design, new commentary on e-governance

New Governance designHappy new year!  Governance begins 2010 with a new design.  This is the first redesign of the journal since its launch in 1988.  Celebrate the new year by enjoying free access to all content in the new issue, 23.1, throughout January.

The new design includes a new feature at the start of each issue: a short commentary by a leading scholar or policymaker on a critical question of governance.  The first commentary is by Paul Starr, Stuart Professor of Communications and Public Affairs at Princeton University.

“The fundamental problems of democracy are not susceptible to technological solutions,” says Starr. In the current environment, “it will be a struggle just to maintain some of the minimal conditions of political accountability that democracy requires.”  Download Professor Starr’s commentary, “The Liberal State in a Digital World,” for free.

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January 1, 2010 at 1:00 am

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