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Book reviews: performance management, industrial policy, central banking, carbon taxes

Moynihan bookIn the current issue of Governance (22.3), Matt Andrews says that Donald P. Moynihan‘s book The Dynamics of Performance Management “breaks new ground in addressing questions about why performance management reforms are often adopted in limited forms, why these reforms seem to deliver different results to those expected, and how the value of these interventions might manifest in unexpected ways.”  Also reviewed in the current issue: Dan Breznitz on the state’s role in nurturing the high tech sector; Jon Kvist and Juho Saari on the impact of EU institutions on national social protection systems; William Nordhaus on the case for carbon taxes; Lucia Quaglia on Europe’s central banks; David Richards on the condition of the Westminster Model; and Einer Elhauge on problems of statutory interpretation.  Read the reviews here.

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August 19, 2009 at 1:00 am

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