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Most popular articles in 2008

These were the five most frequently downloaded articles in Governance in 2008:

Bo Rothstein & Jan Teorell, What Is Quality of Government? A Theory of Impartial Government Institutions 21.2 (April 2008): 165-190

David Dolowitz & David Marsh, Learning from Abroad: The Role of Policy Transfer in Contemporary Policy-Making 13.1 (January 2000): 5-23.

Pierre Lascoumes & Patrick Le Gales, Understanding Public Policy through Its Instruments-From the Nature of Instruments to the Sociology of Public Policy Instrumentation 20.1 (January 2007): 1-21

Merilee S. Grindle, Good Enough Governance: Poverty Reduction and Reform in Developing Countries 17.4 (October 2004): 528-548

Francisco Longo, Quality of Governance: Impartiality Is Not Enough 21.2 (April 2008): 191-196

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